Photography and Beach Portraits on the Emerald Coast

As a professional photographer in Destin, I know how wonderful it is to live along the NW Florida coast, a place so rich with natural treasures. I can't get enough of the nature, the wildlife, and all the activities associated with the beach lifestyle. I spend a lot of time photographing beach portraits from Ft Walton Beach to Panama City Beach. Each photo, each family picture is special to me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Goodbye to Amber

Last week I lost a dear companion. Our oldest and first cat Amber left this life. She had suffered from cancer for a year or so. In the last few weeks her quality of life disintegrated drastically . She could no longer eat and seemed to be in great discomfort. As she died I held her and cried. She was the cat who slept with me every night and snuggled close. When I was upset, she was the cat that placed a paw on my leg and stayed by my side. More importantly she was the cat that taught us to love cats.