Photography and Beach Portraits on the Emerald Coast

As a professional photographer in Destin, I know how wonderful it is to live along the NW Florida coast, a place so rich with natural treasures. I can't get enough of the nature, the wildlife, and all the activities associated with the beach lifestyle. I spend a lot of time photographing beach portraits from Ft Walton Beach to Panama City Beach. Each photo, each family picture is special to me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to Venice, LA

The second weekend in August found us on the road to Venice, Louisiana. News reports from Venice peaked my curiosity about the area and what better way to satisfy that curiosity than to pay a visit.
A number of things surprised me about the area south of New Orleans. There were numerous groves of citrus trees, cattle farms, horse farms, and pecan orchards. In some areas the land mass looked no wider than half a mile or so with dikes on each side. As we entered the Venice area helicopter pads dotted the area. The tops of huge vessels could be seen over the dikes. A few miles past Venice the road ends. Past that point are Cypress swamps and the Gulf of Mexico. The end of that road was covered with about six inches of water, a real reminder of how vulnerable the area is.
Many visitors come through the area on the way to offshore oil rigs and to fish the rich waters surrounding Venice. Numerous accommodations resembling mini trailers on blocks or stilts are visible throughout the area.
We intentionally traveled the coast line to and from Venice. We were pleased to see clean beaches.